Small Gets Huge - High -Tech Entrepreneurs

"A recent survey by Microsoft suggests that a new category of business has emerged in the U.S., with annual revenues exceeding those generated by U.S. car companies and drug manufacturers combined.

Dubbed 'high-tech entrepreneurs', this type of firm focuses on designing, installing, supporting, and managing networked computers, software development, and systems integration. Though small in staff size, these businesses produce a great deal of money, according to the report. The category totals about 230,000 companies and generated $306 billion in sales in 1997. The vast majority – about 83% - have less than $2 million in sales a year and employ five or fewer people; half have only two people on staff and bring in less than $500,00. About a third of the companies have been created since 1994."

(Source: Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine, August 1998)

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